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På  " Verdens mindste Teglværk " har vi i 30 år lavet mini byggematerialer i ler, på samme måde som på de gamle teglværker  -  leren æltes - formes - udskæres - tørres - og brændes ved 900 gradere,  så de kan holde i tusinder af år -    til generationer af børn og voksne.                                                                                                     Derfor er mini=TEGL et 100% dansk økologisk produkt til leg- hobby - undervisning og 17 andre formål                              Jeg legede selv med mini mursten som barn, blev senere arkitekt og havde et byggefirma -så jeg kan lave alt byggeri.  Da renterne steg til < 20% gik jeg over til mini byggeri - derfor! 

On " the World s smallest Clay-work  " as we where called, we have for 30 years made mini building materiales        in clay in the same way they did it at the old clay-works. kneading the clay- shaping - cutting- drying- burning it at 900%C  so it can be used for thousand years !!! in generations for -- playing - hobby - education - and - and -

Therefor mini=TEGL is a genuine ecological 100% danish material -- 

Awarded by Dr. Toy in USA as " One of the best classic toys "  in year 2000 and we got it again in 2012  

========== my back ground - and what is following here of  ========

My name is Tommy von Pein  - I can follow my family back to year 926  - more than a thousand years  !!!        42 generations  - that is setting a special perspective on the life - on my responsibility for the future --and yours,                 to do what I /and we can, NOT harming the coming generations possibilities for a good life -  by polluting or end-using all raw-materials  -- think what we have already used and destroyed within 2-generastions, much much more than in the former 40 generations  - and if we include the Egyptians within 240 generations.                                                                                          We have to change the way we are living - endless growth is madness                                                                  Therefor I am trying to start up DEVELOPING GROUPS and CENTRES  --where people with all educations and skills can meet - among them, the very big part of the population not on active work  -- Young and Old  -- some have just got their education - some have no job - others have retired - and some have a handicap  Together we know everything - and we are having all kind of skills - and thousands of good idea´s -

So why not join hands and minds and develop new and better sustainable products and systems -  helping new firms to start up and go on, giving jobs to others  + creating e.g. new planting- and energy- systems to the 3.world      and, at the same time - building up the people in the groups -  giving them self- confidence -- making them forget their former problems - having new courage, to make them-self, and other people a good sustainable life in all its aspects.   Get much more info about this and other ideas for                       GREENING THE WORLD                from 21st-cc.dk  mail@21st-cc.dk              or    pein@minitegl.dk


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father of 3 + 5 gran children - all living  active lives in Denmark   near Copenhagen               

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architect Tommy Von Pein