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Byggematerialer i mini og mikro

Virksomheden startede sin produktion af økologisk familielegetøj og materialer til seriøs modelfremstilling + leg  og undervisning i 1984.

Produkterne bruges af ca 3.000 skoler, institutioner, skolefritidsordninger, tekniske skoler og museer i Norden + England m.f. og i tusinder af private hjem.

For tiden har vi ingen forhandlere i Danmark, det er for dyrt for kunderne.

Køb direkte fra " Verdens mindste teglværk " i Stenløse--  Ring 47 17 11 90    eller skriv på    I er også velkomne her,  men ring lige først !

 miniTEGL Søsum 3670 Veksø    Tlf. 47 17 11 90

Year 2000 and 2012    awarded by dr. TOY  USA

Building materials in mini and micro scale  - most of it made in clay

We are making them in 8 scales - from 0,3 grams up to 150 grams each,        where a normal full size brick has a wight of 3.000 grams  10.000 times more.  The absolute most sold size is 1:10 - easy to handle for all ages.                         I have made mini clay bricks and roofing tiles + our special mortar in 30 years  --  Our main customers are schools, because the pupils can learn much quicker and better when Learning by doing -- But many many private families are using mT too,  both children and adults -- see some of the many projects on the other pages.

mini TEGL is being sold directly from our tiny clay-work in Denmark,        The "World smallest clay-work " as it has been called   - Look at the price list

mini TEGL  Sösum DK 3670 Veksö Denmark  (45) 47 17 11 90                   

I am looking forward to hear from you        architect Tommy von Pein  


We are interested in license productions & sale in overseas countries,  because of the wight of the tiles and the mT cement, it is expensive to mail. 

           .        The demand for "Green products" is raising around the world,                    and for children of school age, there is very little on the marked, and few thing with appeal to both boys, girls and adults, like my mini TEGL

in year 2000 mT where awarded by Dr. Toy as the best traditional toy,         we have been nominated again this year for 2012 

For the model hobby sector, we are the only firm with a full program of genuine micro model building materials 

architect Tommy Von Pein